It all began when...

A college undergrad studying dietetics wanted to open a bakery.  But not just any bakery; a bakery that exclusively focused on those with dietary restrictions. The dream was to create indulgences everyone could enjoy and do it well. That undergrad was me and the bakery I created in 2016 was called UnGrained.

 Hi, I'm Taylor and I'm the face behind Hygge Cakes. Armed with only my vision, a dash of naivete, and the support of my then boyfriend (now husband, can I get a "hell yeah!"), I dropped out of college to make UnGrained a reality. 

In the first year I was blown away by the response and was completely humbled as people from as far as 1.5 hours away came to pick up treats. With the support of every customer, my passion grew and I knew I wanted UnGrained to be even more and join a larger family. Thus, Hygge Cakes was born. 

Hygge Cakes is a licensed home bakery located in downtown Cincinnati that offers indulgences for everyone.  If you have dietary restrictions, the UnGrained Menu is perfect for you. Free from dietary allergies? Peruse the Grained and UnGrained Menu. 


Welcome to the next chapter of the journey! I look forward to making your day a little bit brighter very soon.