For customers with dietary restrictions and allergies, I understand that cross contamination is at the forefront of your mind (it is in mine too!). While I am a licensed home bakery and do not operate in a gluten-free/dairy-free kitchen, I do my very best to insure all of my desserts are as clean as possible. Here are the practices I put into motion daily and weekly. 


Order of Baking

Treats with allergies in mind are always baked and boxed first. This helps ensure that no pans are ever cross-contaminated and minimizes gluten that may be floating in the air.


Gluten-free/allergy-friendly baking ingredients are stored in separate cabinets to help insure that they cannot become contaminated.



No baking utensil, bowl, pan, or mat is ever hand washed and always goes through the highest setting in the dishwasher. 

Everyday the kitchen is completely wiped down before and after any baking occurs with disposable towels. 

Once a week the kitchen goes through a deep clean. This includes cleaning the oven (self-clean for 3 hours as well as scrubbing the outside), scrubbing the outside and inside of cabinets, and a thorough cleaning of the fridge and freezer (inside and out), 


Fridge Order

Allergy-friendly baked goods are always stored on shelves above those containing "traditional" baked goods, never under.